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Mystic Ridge Books & MRB Kidz:
Because Your Curiosity Is Endless

 What are we about?

 Books that make you a better person. Books that delight, entertain, inspire, educate... Great reads that stand out from the rest. Books by hot new authors who have something unique to say...that are the best in their field.

 Founded in 1999, Mystic Ridge Books (and its new children's line, MRB Kidz) is a rapidly growing publishing company - nationally-known and respected - whose books are sold at Barnes & Noble (and, Borders (and, and other fine booksellers.

 Our aim is to publish "can't-put-me-down" books on a variety of interests for adults & children. We will also produce an exciting range of seminars, DVDs, audio books & other products.

 For adults, we're offering books on personal betterment and happiness, including but not limited to books on: relationships, intimacy, love, and a range of human interests. Look for self-help books, too, in the future. 

 Check out the JUST-RELEASED new Editions of the most state-of-the-art blackjack bestsellers on the planet, Cutting Edge Blackjack (The Third Edition) and Blackjack The Smart Way (The Gold (Fourth) Edition) and other books by Richard Harvey, the world's top innovator of leading edge blackjack methods. Click here for info. Click here to order.

 And peruse the pages of Baring It All if you dare: This is a titillating book on great lovemaking experiences, from a woman's perspective. It's true erotica with an emphasis on love, so you'll want to share it with your lover! Click here for info. Click here to get your copy!

 For children, MRB Kidz offers books that delight, entertain, educate, inspire and instill positive values. This line, though new, has drawn rave reviews from the press, teachers, librarians, parents and kids. Its authors have appeared on TV shows throughout the nation.

 Rebecca & The Great Goat Getaway written by "Professor" Christopher Furfur and illustrated by the fabulously-talented Alexandra Artigas has been hailed as a great mother-daughter, parent-child book, which empowers children with a can-do spirit and teaches them how to beat the blues. It even teaches them the meaning of life! The subtle theme is: positive thinking and doing for others brings happiness and pride. It also introduces kids to a wide array of unusual animals.

 Click here to order a copy for the special child in your life! The author is also available to do school, library & other events for children! Click here for info on these highly-acclaimed programs!

 ...And then there's the funny and fabulously-interactive kids' picture book The Fuzzy Escape Artists by Michael Isaacs, illustrated by Ale Artigas. Kids laugh along with the hapless Peter P. Peters as they learn how smart animals can be. They learn to love and respect animals and are subtly taught to tough it through their problems - with a sense of humor. You, too, will shout along with your children, "Oh NO! Not AGAIN!"

Click here for info. Click here to obtain your copy.

 And VERY soon...there'll be more great offerings, including:
For kids, from MRB Kidz:

 The awesome How Should I Care For My Doggy? featuring the much-beloved veterinarian Dr. George Abernathy. Click here for info. Click here to pre-order.

 And for adults, from Mystic Ridge Books:

 ...A Woman In Ecstasy: A very unique and romantic book for men on intimacy and romance - with skills and insights to win over the woman of a man's dreams, now and forever! This offers personal and detailed advice by a celebrated lover of women. Click here for info. Click here to pre-order.
 ...And there will be other hot new books and DVDs on dating, romance, relationships, sex and the sexes. Erotica too...
 ...Books on matters that affect your health...
 ...More books on new ways to win at casino games...
 ...Books on cooking, photography and other pursuits...
 ...Self-help books, books on success...
 ...Weeknight Intimacy Workshops for everyone, and Weekend Intimacy Retreats for Couples...(Click here for info.)
 And much, much more...

 Enjoy surfing our site and visit us again soon (new offerings are coming very shortly)!

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